Portola Valley Events & Attractions


What’s going on in Portola Valley?

You’ll find a nice sampling of enjoyable activities and events in Portola Valley going on throughout the year. Have a little local fun by participating with other community members in all that Portola Valley has to offer.

(NOTE: When possible, we've included dates, times, specific locations and other information for the events listed here. If this information isn’t currently available, we’ll post updates in the Communities section of this website with more details when we get them.)

Town Picnic

When summer rolls around, that’s the time to head out to the annual Portola Valley Town Picnic, one of the most popular events in Portola Valley. A full day of cool activities includes a Cub Scout carnival, obstacle course, bounce house, entertainment, great food and a lot more, all brought to you by local sponsors. Get more information at the 2015 Portola Valley Town Picnic website.

Portola Valley Farmers’ Market

You can’t beat shopping for the freshest, healthiest foods right here in town. The Farmers’ Market is open all year long to provide you with organic fruits, vegetables and juices, artisan breads, honey, nuts, coffee and a long list of other popular food items. Open on Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. in the summer, 2-5 p.m. in the winter. 765 Portola Road.

Music at Four Programs

Classical music concerts come to The Sequoias in seasonal presentations from July to December. Enjoy solo, duo and chamber music performances. Visit the Music at Four Programs web page to learn more.