Five Steps for Selling During the Holidays


dataBarbara Ballinger at Realtor Mag has some outstanding tips for sellers showcasing their home during the holiday season. She can help sellers "understand how to attract buyers and showcase their house to maximum advantage at this time of year, yet not forgo their favorite seasonal traditions and merriment." Here are some of the highlights of what she recommends:

  1. List During the Holidays: Don't be afraid to brave the winter market, as serious buyers won't shy away because of the cold.
  2. Outdoor Decorations Should be Kept Minimalistic: Keep it sparse and classy. You want buyers to see the house, not the reindeer!
  3. Ditto with Indoor Decor: “The goal is to get buyers to imagine themselves sharing the holidays with their family in the house, and if the rooms are so crowded with your stuff, they can’t,” says Randy Bell, sales practitioner with HomeSmart Realty Group in Denver.
  4. Holiday Cookies and Candles Are Okay: Keep the air festive with fresh-baked cookies and scented candles, but obviously avoid anything overwhelming.
  5. Take down the decorations after New Years: The week after New Year's is when all the decorations need to be put away. No one wants to think about Christmas on Valentine's Day!

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