Green Cleaning – 9 ingredients you may not have thought of


dataWe’re paying more attention to protecting our environment these days.  We recycle and re-use, and we buy products that are safer for the eco-system than their predecessors.  But often we miss the opportunity to go green when it comes to cleaning around the house. has provided a list of nine common products that can be used to replace toxic chemical-based cleaning solutions for all kinds of jobs in your home.  Eartheasy also shows specific formulas for making these solutions, gives tips on healthy home cleaning and lists a variety of commercial cleaning products that are non-toxic.

Here are the “green” ingredients.  You may already have some of them stored away.

dataBaking soda: good for cleaning, deodorizing, scouring and softening water.

Soap: Yes, regular old soap is biodegradable and will clean almost anything that’s dirty.

Lemons: The highly acidic juice from lemons can wipe out most bacteria in your home.

Borax: It does a great job for general cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting and is ideal for cleaning painted walls and wallpaper.

White vinegar: An awesome grease-cutter and good for removing mildew and odors as well as wax buildup.

Washing soda: Also called SAL Soda, it’s a mineral useful in cutting grease, removing stains and cleaning tubs, sinks, tile, walls and a lot more.

Isopropyl alcohol: Hospitals use it as a disinfectant – why shouldn’t you?  (While its disinfectant properties are unmatched, there is some evidence that isopropyl alcohol buildup in humans can lead to illness.)

Cornstarch: Use this kitchen staple to shampoo carpets, polish furniture and clean rugs.

Citrus solvent: Here’s a safe and better way to clean paint brushes, grease, oil and some stains.

Many of these ingredients can be made up according to formula and kept at the ready for quick and convenient cleaning tasks.  Not only will you feel better knowing you’re not contributing to the pollution of the earth, but you’ll save considerable money compared to off-the-shelf commercial products.

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