Hadar Speaks to USA Today about Luxury Home Amenities


dataThis week's issue of USA Today will feature an article entitled "Eight Popular Amenities for High-end Homes." In it, I speak to 24/7 Wall St. journalist Rusty Weston about high-end buyers who are being lured more by high-end amenities than additional square footage. For these elite buyers, emphasis is placed on details that will improve their lifestyle: quality of materials, wall and ceiling finishes, cabinetry and paneling. I also report directly about some enviable features that are in high demand:

Some newer, hot luxury amenities buyers find appealing include a professional, deluxe personal at-home spa room, custom wine cellar with tasting room, full outdoor kitchen (complete with features like a wood-fire oven for pizza), a vineyard, energy-efficient features including solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling systems, a fully-wired smart system connecting your devices, electronics and security — all controllable from your iPhone or iPad — and eco-friendly materials.

Weston then goes on to outline eight popular amenities in detail, including wet rooms, high tech media centers, and wine cellars. Read the full article here.