Homes in Atherton: 26 times more expensive than the U.S. average


dataRemember the housing market crash of 2007, when home prices fell like the proverbial ton of bricks?  A memory is all it is now, as the price of single-family homes in many of America’s most exclusive communities have not only rebounded but exceeded their pre-recession price tags. Not surprisingly, Atherton leads the way.

A July 2014 article from CityLab, a data-reporting division of Atlantic Media, places Atherton’s 94027 zip code as being made up of the nation’s most expensive homes, with a median value of $4,590,900.  That’s an amazing 26 times the value of the average U.S. home, which comes in at $172,300.

CityLab ranked the 10 most expensive zip codes in America, and Atherton – as it has in most-expensive rankings from numerous media entities over the years – landed at the top.  Joining this town of around 7,000 residents are Palo Alto and Portola Valley.

Palo Alto took the #4 spot on the list, with a median home value of $3,331,500.  Portola Valley, with a median home value of $2,825,800, was eighth on the list.

Among the 10 top finishers, six are from California including Beverly Hills #3, Santa Monica #7, and Newport Beach #10.

Rounding out the most expensive zip codes list are the 11962 zip code in the Hamptons in the New York metro area #2, the Prudential Center residential area in Boston #5, Fisher Island in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area #6, and the Tribeca area of New York #9.

Here are the current most expensive homes and number of listings among our Silicon Valley finishers on CityLab’s list:

  • Atherton: $21,988,999; 32 listings
  • Palo Alto: $11,995,000; 48 listings
  • Portola Valley: $7,250,000; 13 listings

Purchasing homes in these three communities requires not only a sizeable amount of money but also diligence in the home search process.  Throughout Silicon Valley, homes are being bought rapidly, due in part to a near-record low amount of listings coupled with a large number of highly motivated buyers.

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