The calming power of simplicity: minimalist decorating ideas for your home


Recently we came across a great article on minimalist living, i.e., creating a clean, less-cluttered environment in which to live.

The photo in said article on make you feel calmer just by looking at them. It’s easy to imagine living in such a simple and orderly environment, and it’s easy to understand how applying the “subtraction concept” to interior décor really works.

“Instead of focusing on what to add to a room,” the article says, “why not consider removing items?” A room devoid of unnecessary objects influences your psychology: you feel free and easy passing through the space; whereas a room full of clutter makes it feel like walking through two feet of water just to get across it.

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Space is a breath of art.” Space means that nothing’s there, and therein lies the principle behind “less is more.” With less, or fewer, things in a living space, that which is there is accented and highlighted. By taking the minimalist approach to decorating, we free up our rooms to be used for enjoyment and relaxation rather than being constantly distracted by a musical score of objects that our mind quickly attaches to.

Check out “What We Can Learn from the Minimalists” and see if you can find some good tips for transforming the interior experience of your home.