Think you know Silicon Valley? Test yourself.


dataTest your Silicon Valley IQ with this quiz.  Answers are at the bottom.

1. The mansion where some scenes of the TV show Dynasty were filmed is located in:

A. San Francisco

B. Woodside

C. Los Altos Hills

2. In which cities will you not find condos for sale?

A. Portola Valley and Atherton

B. Menlo Park and Sunnyvale

C. Mountain View and Los Altos

3. What facility was built on a landfill?

A. Shoreline Amphitheatre

B. Little House

C. De Anza College

4. How much was the sale price for the most expensive home ever sold in Silicon Valley?  (It was a Woodside home in 2012.)

A. $123,499,000

B. $105,000,000

C. $117,500,000

5. What is the distance between San Francisco and San Jose?

A. 49 miles

B. 220 miles

C. 62 miles

Portrait Of Stevie Nicks6. Joan Baez and Stevie Nicks once lived in what city?

A. Cupertino

B. Menlo Park

C. Palo Alto

7. A tavern in Sunnyvale was the testing ground for what early arcade game?

A. Pac Man

B. Mario Brothers

C. Pong

8. According to CityLab data, which city ranks as having the most expensive zip code in America?

A. Atherton

B. Palo Alto

C. Los Altos Hills

9. Which tech leader is headquartered in Palo Alto?

A. Google

B. Hewlett-Packard

C. Microsoft

10. What is the complete official name of Stanford University?

A. Stanford Edgewater University of California

B. Leland Stanford Junior University

C. Lathrop Stanford University


1. B. Woodside

2. A. Portola Valley and Atherton

3. A. Shoreline Amphitheatre

4. C. $117,500,000

5. A. 49 miles

6. B. Menlo Park

7. C. Pong

8. A. Atherton

9. B. Hewlett-Packard

10. B. Leland Stanford Junior University

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