Where do Silicon Valley tech workers come from?


dataWith technology being the backbone of the Silicon Valley economy, it’s likely that if you live here, you either work in tech or know a number of people who do.  All the big names are represented, from Google and LinkedIn to Facebook and TwitterOracle by itself employs 6,700 workers.  So what colleges and universities do many of these bright minds come from? You’d be right if you guessed that many are graduates of Stanford University, which heads a top ten list of schools that produce Silicon Valley tech pros.  You’d probably guess that UC Berkeley would be on the list – and it is, but only at #10.  As to some of the other top schools, you might be surprised.

A company called Upstart researched the schools that have the highest contribution to the Silicon Valley workforce.  As reported in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, only two of the top 10 schools were located in the Bay Area, and only three were in California.  The study produced a numerical value correlating to the likelihood that graduates from the schools would gain employment in Silicon Valley.

The numerical value assigned to #1 Stanford was .193.  Right behind at .191 was Harvey Mudd, a Claremont, Calif.-based liberal arts institution.  Here’s the entire list – and note that five of the eight Ivy League schools are on it.

.193 – Stanford University

.191 – Harvey Mudd College

.133 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

.112 – Yale University

.083 – Duke University

.072 – Dartmouth College

.066 – Princeton University

.053 – Harvard University

.047 – Brown University

.035 – University of California, Berkeley


With great young minds coming out of some of our nation’s top learning institutions, it’s no wonder that Silicon Valley remains firmly in the lead with innovation, research and development, engineering and production of the technologies that make our world go ‘round.

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