Colby R.

Hadar is an excellent realtor, guiding us through every stage of our first home purchase.  Hadar spent the time to really understand what we were looking for in a home, and shared with us her deep knowledge of the "micromarkets" within the peninsula.  When we found the home for us, she handled every stage of the purchase process expertly, and we're thrilled with the home we purchased.  We highly recommend Hadar - her knowledge, thoroughness and experience on the Peninsula will result in a great experience, whether buying or selling a home.

Susan T.

Hadar is so great to work with in all of the ways I needed her to be and more. She is local and knows the market very well. Her planning and execution were flawless. She was able to satisfy all parties involved, not a small feat, and she has the rare ability to be strategic and detail-oriented at the same time. She's communicative, super organized and ultra professional. What I appreciated most about our work together is her responsiveness and forward-looking and optimistic attitude.

Nandini I.

Hadar recently helped us purchase our home in the bay area. She was first recommended to my husband by his colleague two years ago when we moved to California. We sought her help to find a house to rent and also get an idea about the neighborhoods in the bay area. Although we didn't end up renting a house she showed us, we were sure we would use her as our real estate agent to buy a house. I contacted Hadar when we decided to buy a house in January and she was more than happy to help us. She listened to our needs very carefully and explained the entire process involved in buying a home. Hadar is extremely knowledgeable about the area, easy to work with, patient in answering questions at any time of the day and very responsive. She showed us some off market properties too and has never pressurized us into making any offer. In the time that we worked with her, she made us feel that we were her only clients (although she did have several other clients at the same time). We can't recommend her enough. Thanks so much for everything, Hadar.

Courtney A.

Hadar was amazing to work with!! She sold our house with multiple offers in one week. My husband and I were impressed with how professional she was and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. 

Hadar got painters, handymen, inspectors etc through our house in less than 5 days and managed the entire process for us when we had so much on our plate. 

Thank you Hadar helping us sell our home we were thrilled with the process!

Carlene L.

I cannot say enough about Hadar!!! She was exceptional in working with my dad and myself to get the house prepared and on the market with a fair market listing price. Since my dad was the original owner of the house Hadar had to work with him to show how updating the house vs "as is" would be more beneficial to selling the house quickly instead of languishing on the MLS. Hadar and her associates did a fantastic job in getting the house looked "brand new"!!! She is very personable and she kept us up-to-date each week or when we had questions she would very quickly get back to us with the answers. I would highly recommend her.

Karen C.

I only yelp for the best in class. Hadar is certainly that. From the beginning to the end she made this a seamless, smooth process of house selling. Anyone who know house selling knows the stress that comes with this. Having Hadar to line everything out, send us a calendar of events that will happen (photographer, stager, date to market etc) made everything work like clockwork! Her photographer is also the best I have ever seen. Hadar has great positive energy and she had a great pricing strategy. Whenever we had a different idea (we ALWAYS have ideas!) she listened and was thoughtful about how to possibly implement. She knows the business inside and out and was an all around gem! She did everything she said she was going to do (and more) and ON-TIME. We learned to trust her perspective as she really knows the market. We have sold houses many times so sometimes we think we know the market. We trusted her knowledge and were so glad we did. She got us an exceptional price on our home with the ease that only a true professional could pull off.

Kim P.

If only I could give Hadar six stars! My husband and I set out on our home buying journey expecting to be looking for a place for months before one of our offers would finally be chosen. However, just three short weeks into the process we had found "the one" and were already in contract. I attribute all of our success in quickly finding a home that we love to Hadar because:

1. She found us a deal - You heard me right, she found us a DEAL in the Bay Area. Personally, I didn't think that those existed here but with Hadar they do. We found our property the day that it went on the market (thanks to Sereno's app - more on that later), toured it with Hadar the following morning, prepared an offer on July 4th (Yes, while everyone else was BBQing, Hadar was preparing and sending in our offer), and were in contract the following day with the seller (even though an offer came in above our offer that was all cash, ours was not all cash). Our house was later appraised significantly higher than what we paid for it.

2.She knows the Peninsula inside and out - I grew up in the area we purchased and thought that I knew the neighborhoods well...until I met Hadar. Not only did she have inside tips and stories about each neighborhood we toured, but she also came with a vast knowledge of the area that even I wasn't aware of growing up here. 

3. She knows the market - Hadar knows what it takes to create a competitive offer and lends valuable advice throughout the process. I attribute our ability to win a property so quickly to Hadar's experience and competitive spirit. She helped us determine what we should offer both times and was spot on knowing where most other offers would come in. She went into the offer presentations with a "Plan B offer" (our established max) in the case that she realized that we needed a more competitive offer to be considered.

4. She is professional, organized, friendly & thoughtful- Hadar is polished and professional but still is fun, friendly and personable. She is very organized and one of the most responsive people via phone, text and email that I've ever met at all hours of the day. Every communication with her was received and responded to within the hour, but most commonly within a couple of minutes. She's also very thoughtful and had drinks and snacks for us in the car during our home tours and even gave us a gift to congratulate us on our purchase.

5. Sereno's app is incredible - The app that Hadar uses to notify you of new listings is the most organized real estate app I've seen. In fact, the app alone is what convinced me that I was going to use Hadar as our agent. It has all of the usual information you'd expect to see including home descriptions, pictures, etc, but then has a feature that allows you to compare listings, request to make offers on homes and even calculate your commute time.

We feel so lucky and happy to have been able to work with Hadar and hope that you will also give her the chance to make your home buying dreams a reality!

Xiaoxuan Victoria F.

Hadar had recently helped me and my husband purchased our first house in the Bay area! She is so efficient, professional and thoughtful! She kept us posted for new listings on the market. During our first open house trip, she prepared a nicely organized folder listing all information we need. She even brought us a goodie bag with drinks, snacks and fruits! What a thoughtful lady   It's been almost two months since we started looking for our dream house, Hadar had been consistently working closely with us, listening to our needs and giving advices. She is quick and professional in responding our emails and questions! Finally, we got our dream house! Hadar guided us with a timeline to close the deal. Everything went smoothly! Hadar provided the best service ever. She is a nice person too! We'd love to recommend her! Thank you Hadar!

Cathy C.

Hadar provided superior service both as my buying and selling real estate agent. 
She has it all....

  • Thorough knowledge of the local market and contract terms.
  • Professional, friendly, positive demeanor; very conscientious; patient
  • Consistent availability to work with me  and in a very efficient manner. 
  • Thoughtful guidance and direction with both the buy and sell process.
  • Excellent listener as to my "wish" list for a new home/location/price.
  • Stellar marketing plan and execution on the sale of my property.

The list of "pluses" go on and on...I am so grateful to Hadar for making the buy/sell process a positive, smooth experience with an ideal outcome!

Stephanie H.

“Our family had the pleasure of meeting Hadar through a friend that had a great experience with her.  We had been looking in the Los Altos/ Mountain View area for a couple years and didn't have any luck winning bids.  Within one week of meeting Hadar, she showed us a home that perfectly matched our criteria and worked some magic getting us in contract.  I also feel like she really went to bat for us when we were negotiating the price.  She's extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and very dependable. We've referred her to several friends already.”

Natalie C.

“My husband and I started looking for our first home a few weeks ago and Hadar went above and beyond to meet our criteria of what we were looking for in our perfect place. She is so knowledgeable of the Bay Area and the neighborhoods, easily answering any questions we had about restaurants to try, school districts, local events, even where the closest Whole Foods was! YES! 

After only a short search, we found our perfect home, made and offer and it was accepted! Hadar walked us through the process and made us feel extremely comfortable about the purchase. We can't thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication! We not only found a fantastic realtor, we made a great friend! Thank you, Hadar!”

Amanda M.

Hadar helped us a great deal with our relocation to the Bay Area. We were on a relatively tight deadline for moving, and after only one day of visiting properties, we made a competitive offer on a great location. With Hadar's help, we closed on the property and are now happily moved in and settled about one and a half months after starting the relocation process.

Hadar is super responsive, enthusiastic, efficient, and knowledgeable. Bay Area real estate was a bit of a culture shock for us moving from the Midwest. (We only spent a few minutes in the property we now call home - but it was move-in ready and a decent price for the area.) Hadar helped us through an otherwise panic-inducing process of looking at properties online only to see them snapped up minutes later.

She thoughtfully brought us drinks and snacks for the property visits, got us a homecoming gift, and was generally kind, responsive, and fun to work with (in an otherwise mildly terrifying / not necessarily fun situation). In a very short period of time, she showed us six places within our search parameters, helped us make a successful bid, coordinated amongst the seller's realtor and insurance / mortgage / additional insurance brokers of various stripes, and remained highly responsive through texts, emails, and phone calls throughout the (very rapid!) process.

We most likely would not have a place to live right now without her excellent assistance, prompt responses, and attention to detail. If you have to relocate to the Bay Area, it really helps to have someone so knowledgeable and friendly supporting your home search. Thanks for everything, Hadar!

Jens H.

“Hadar means glory in Hebrew and our experience with her was just that: nothing but glorious! We would highly recommend her as a realtor. She helped us greatly to find a house that we love (in a top location near Stanford ) and snatch it against multiple other buyers. Hadar is not only highly responsive, well organized, and knowledgeable, she is also an energetic agent that actively explores options for her clients and gets them to look or even bid on properties before they even come on the market. She loves being an agent and this shows in the dedication and energy that she brings to the job. She is also very well connected to other top agents in the bay area which helps you as a buyer since these are often on the selling end of some of the best properties. She will give you the edge that you need in the current aggressive market.

We recently relocated to the peninsula from NYC, and Hadar was referred to us by our relocation company. We immediately connected with her--she is so charming and, as a lifelong resident of the area, is incredibly knowledgable. We were thrilled to find such a great fit in a realtor.

Sharif S.

My family and I had the absolute pleasure of being referred to Hadar to find us a home for our recent relocation from Seattle to Silicon Valley.  Although we were familiar with the area generally from numerous visits, we'd never looked for a home in the area and found the market to be unlike any other we'd experienced.   

Enter Hadar:  From our first meeting, my wife and I knew we had talent on our side.   Hadar is first and foremost an enthusiastic and seemingly tireless agent.  No matter the day of week or time of day, Hadar responded to phone and email questions so quickly it felt like she was in my office; generally within minutes!  She kept us constantly informed about every aspect of our home search (which turned out to be a brief 2 weeks!), bidding process and closing process and coordinated every aspect of communications for the closing.  Though I knew it couldn't be, Hadar made us feel like we were her sole 24/7 job!  

Hadar has deep knowledge of the Silicon Valley area and the housing market.  She was always able to answer our questions about schools, shopping, neighborhoods and even great places to dine out. Hadar knows the market, too:  During the first week of our search, we found a home that we wanted to bid on.  During the bidding process, Hadar predicted the price per square foot the house would sell for (which was higher than we were willing to go in that case) and her prediction was spot on.   When we found the home that we eventually purchased (Yay!), Hadar crafted a winning bidding strategy for us that not only included a just-right price for the property, but the right combination of conditions and overall approach that won us a home we really wanted in a closely-contested bidding situation.  Here again, Hadar went the extra mile for us, spending more time than other buyers' agents with the listing agent to keep us informed on the bidding process and to ensure that our bid was positioned as well as possible.

If you're reading these reviews because you are trying to find a real estate agent, I'd say stop and call Hadar.  I simply can't recommend her highly enough.

Helen S.

We closed escrow on our home last week. I would highly recommend Hadar as an agent.  She is very hard-working, responsive, and efficient. She was on top of every aspect of our search and closing process. She was always accessible and has a very positive, can-do attitude and is just a delightful person. I never had to worry whether she would follow through on the things she said she would. Hadar was an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Miriam S.

Considering how competitive the housing market is here in the Bay Area, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and a bit discouraged when we began our search. But Hadar never had a doubt that we would find something fantastic within our budget--she was so positive, and absolutely committed to finding us our dream home (no matter how many houses she had to show us in the meantime). One of the things that struck me from the beginning was that she is clearly not afraid to put in the work! And work for us she did!

When we finally found a home we LOVED we knew it would draw a lot of offers; and, frankly, we were doubtful we could get it. But, as soon as we let Hadar know that this was the house we wanted, she was on a mission! She very carefully and expertly guided us in coming up with the best offer package we could, and then she WOWED the sellers (and their realtor!) when she presented our offer. We were stunned and thrilled when our offer was accepted, and we absolutely credit Hadar with getting us our dream home (although she's too humble to take the credit).

To say Hadar exceeded our expectations is an understatement. We feel so lucky to have had her on our side during the adventure that was home buying, and we will remain forever grateful to her.

Anthony E.

My wife and I began thinking about purchasing a home in Summer 2013 and met Hadar through a mutual friend. After feeling out the silicon valley market and feeling somewhat overwhelmed with housing prices and lack of availability we thought it was going to be near impossible to find a place that worked for us. FINALLY after seeing a place we loved, Hadar took control, was aggressive in getting our offer in early (as we were expecting a baby when offers were due) and got our offer accepted.  Come to find out that our offer was accepted even over higher offers thanks to Hadar's hard work and strategy.  We couldn't have done it without her or her excellent  recommendations.  

Even when we were doubtful about our offer, contract items, etc.. Hadar made the right decisions and her expertise allowed us to close on a property we LOVE. She also never pressured us into considering a home we didnt want and was always available to ask questions and seek off market opportunities for us too. She has great connections. I highly recommend speaking with Hadar.

Anantha K.

We met Hadar through our company's relocation package when we moved down to the Bay Area from Seattle. Her initial assignment was to show us around the area and help us understand the market before we accepted the offer with my new company. We spent a whole day packed to survey what the real-estate situation in the Bay was. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area and helped us understand the market and the pros and cons of the various neighborhoods across a massive range. This made us comfortable enough that I accepted the job offer!

While we were in the process of moving, she never once hounded us to buy a house. When we decided to rent initially, she was so wonderful and helpful. She personally went to various houses on rent to do walk through videos and send us over on email -- nice use of high tech in a low tech world. This helped us rent a house to settle in for the initial move.
Once we decided to buy a house, she was a natural choice with her proactive nature, helpfulness and knowledge. We entered the housing market in Palo Alto (this was pretty much the zip code we were interested in) with a lot of trepidation and girded ourselves for a long time of searching, but we managed to find a house in two weeks and close it in two more weeks!

Hadar was instrumental in helping us figure out what kinds of houses we could afford (the market is tricky because the asking prices are not a good indicator); she helped us with the pricing and bid with a thorough research; she connected us with equally responsive loan folks; did an amazing job of 'selling' our offer in a seller's market; and finally extremely proactive with the closing -- this was especially nerve wracking because you have to remove all contingencies to be able to win a bidding war in Palo Alto, but Hadar made sure it was very smooth.
She is absolutely the best -- a great combination of helpfulness, energy, smarts and knowledge!

Ryan M.

Hadar was amazing. She has a ton of knowledge on the Los Altos area, and is strategic in navigating the offer/negotiation process. She is also very consultative. Specifically, she spent a lot of time with us, getting to know what we liked and didn't like, etc early in the process to quickly hone in and bring us only the most relevant exciting properties.  She went above and beyond, often meeting us during off hours, at our house, etc and organized things that may likely be outside the scope of what a typical real estate agent does.  And, she is genuinely a great person, positive, and fun/easy to work with...which goes a long way in what can be a stressful process. I'd highly recommend Hadar!

Mike S.

Hadar has a ton of energy and enthusiasm, but when it's necessary, she also has a backbone of iron. When it came down to the 11-hour process of negotiating a price for the sale of our home, she was amazingly tough and was a major reason that we got the price we wanted. Throughout the process of searching for a home, Hadar was unfailingly reliable - never missing an appointment, never forgetting to get a crucial task done. She was incredibly patient with my waffling over which house to buy, and as another reviewer said, it always felt like we were her only clients, even though I know that was not the case. Her devotion to us did not end after the deal closed. Hadar represented us both in the purchase and sale of a home, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Silicon Valley or elsewhere on the Peninsula.

Tony S.

Hadar was the best realtor I have ever worked with! I recently moved from Toronto, Canada to the Bay Area. Hadar listened to my needs, explained tradeoffs, made recommendations and presented several homes.  She was extremely patient and understanding. I could reach out to her anytime.  She was always available to answer questions, provide further insight and in general go above and beyond in any way possible.  Her style was very enthusiastic, super positive, knowledgeable and trustworthy.Working with Hadar made finding a home in the Bay area fun and rewarding. She is truly a one-of-a kind professional who brings the human aspect into her work.

Ariel F.

Hadar was such an incredible realtor to work with! My husband and I were looking for a home on the Peninsula, and Hadar not only sent us all the listings that met our criteria, she was also knowledgeable on the area and available to meet with us at the drop of a hat (daytime, evenings, weekends, anytime). Hadar was super flexible, and walked us through the purchase process every step of the way. She presented us in person for each home we put an offer on - I've heard that this is very rare as many realtors tend to take the "easier" route of emailing your offer in.  

Hadar stayed on top of the mortgage broker and escrow to ensure we closed on time.  And she treated us as if we were her only clients, even though I know this wasn't the case. We couldn't have asked to work with a better realtor!