Kim P.

If only I could give Hadar six stars! My husband and I set out on our home buying journey expecting to be looking for a place for months before one of our offers would finally be chosen. However, just three short weeks into the process we had found "the one" and were already in contract. I attribute all of our success in quickly finding a home that we love to Hadar because:

1. She found us a deal - You heard me right, she found us a DEAL in the Bay Area. Personally, I didn't think that those existed here but with Hadar they do. We found our property the day that it went on the market (thanks to Sereno's app - more on that later), toured it with Hadar the following morning, prepared an offer on July 4th (Yes, while everyone else was BBQing, Hadar was preparing and sending in our offer), and were in contract the following day with the seller (even though an offer came in above our offer that was all cash, ours was not all cash). Our house was later appraised significantly higher than what we paid for it.

2.She knows the Peninsula inside and out - I grew up in the area we purchased and thought that I knew the neighborhoods well...until I met Hadar. Not only did she have inside tips and stories about each neighborhood we toured, but she also came with a vast knowledge of the area that even I wasn't aware of growing up here. 

3. She knows the market - Hadar knows what it takes to create a competitive offer and lends valuable advice throughout the process. I attribute our ability to win a property so quickly to Hadar's experience and competitive spirit. She helped us determine what we should offer both times and was spot on knowing where most other offers would come in. She went into the offer presentations with a "Plan B offer" (our established max) in the case that she realized that we needed a more competitive offer to be considered.

4. She is professional, organized, friendly & thoughtful- Hadar is polished and professional but still is fun, friendly and personable. She is very organized and one of the most responsive people via phone, text and email that I've ever met at all hours of the day. Every communication with her was received and responded to within the hour, but most commonly within a couple of minutes. She's also very thoughtful and had drinks and snacks for us in the car during our home tours and even gave us a gift to congratulate us on our purchase.

5. Sereno's app is incredible - The app that Hadar uses to notify you of new listings is the most organized real estate app I've seen. In fact, the app alone is what convinced me that I was going to use Hadar as our agent. It has all of the usual information you'd expect to see including home descriptions, pictures, etc, but then has a feature that allows you to compare listings, request to make offers on homes and even calculate your commute time.

We feel so lucky and happy to have been able to work with Hadar and hope that you will also give her the chance to make your home buying dreams a reality!